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Even though the much anticipated sequel to Batman: Arkham Asylum is not going to be released for at least a year (expected release is Fall 2011), fans have gone rabid for information ever since it was released. Luckily, we here at Nerdbastards have you covered!

Here’s what the ArkhamCity site tells us:

Combat & Gameplay Details

-There are special moves that can hit up to three enemies at once
– Batman will have new air attacks, one of them involves Bats hanging by a cord and jumping over the enemies and disarming them. You can return to the starting point of the jump or carry on with the fight. There is also a diving Swivel which hits two enemies to once.
– Batman now has special combat moves (or terminators), one of them is called “Fallen,” a combination of quick punches with a vertical kick that launches the enemy into the air allowing Bats for a second aerial shot. Also there will be others attacks where Batman combines combos and equipment to take out foes.
Batman will be able to climb all objects, climbing on buildings, including wires (Batman will be able to balance on them) something similar to what was seen in the Assassins Creed II, you will be able to slide underneath objects, cling to poles, rods or perform gymnastic maneuvers and also slide down ramps to grab an enemy. You are also able to get a flying start by leaping through windows.
Batman now has a feature where he can dodge projectiles shot from firearms, it can also be used for normal attacks.
– Batman will be able to grab enemies mid flight.
– When Batman is soaring, if you go toward a window he performs a motion diving with his feet to smash the window and execute a surprise attack
-Batman can now run and use gadgets at the same time, you can also run, jump and hit at the same time. Batarangs can be thrown even when Batman jumps into the air.


– New gadget that upgrades Batmans “leap” (Translation is confusing but it seems to suggest some sort of cape upgrade that expands into wings, can also “attack enemies”)

Now, I’m fairly excited for the sequel. I loved the first one, but it wasn’t a perfect game. It’s hard to not appreciate all its glorious wonders from it’s stunning graphics, superior voice acting, to its fantastic mix of action and stealth game play, but it wasn’t with out it’s problems. The game play was ridiculously repetitive. Disposing of Jokers goons room after room got immensely tiresome. Boss battles were easy and undramatic. Villains were slim. Instead of fighting Scarcrow four fucking times another baddie from Batmans rogues gallery could have easily been added. And, the game length was wicked short, 10-12 hours. Yes, the story of the game takes place in the course of an evening, but you shouldn’t be able to rip through it in real time.

Batman: Arkham City promises a vast range of new and enhanced game play, but based off the bullet points above it seems more of the same. I’m basing my opinion on loose information so I have to reserve judgment until I hear more. I’ll be more excited when I hear of more compelling game play. Puzzle solving, usage of a bat themed vehicle, side missions…etc.

Batman: Arkham City is set to be released in the fall of 2011 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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