'The Walking Dead' - 'Guts': Escape from Atlanta(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

Another week, another chapter in The Walking Dead and what a proper title. It really takes “Guts” to open the show doggie style, yet still show that even in a world of the undead, people still need their quality time. Even if that means cheating on your husband, who you think is dead, with his former partner. This was another fantastic episode: a little sex, plenty of gore, even a little dark humor, now that’s how you put together a hit.

Warning: if you haven’t watched the episode yet then don’t read this, it does contain spoliers.
“Guts” continued straight off from last week’s “Days gone by” without skipping a heartless beat. Reaching out and expanding it’s human cast as well as touching on topics like desperation, survival, and racism in a group dynamic. The Walking dead is quickly showing people this isn’t just a show about shooting Zombies and getting viewers to watch for the gore. It expands itself into another realm, drama and suspense, while keep the viewer on the tip of their seat. This isn’t just a horror epic, it’s a new age western. A world where there is no law, only your survival.
After assistance from Glenn (played by Steven Yeun), Rick nearly comes to blows with the rest of Glenn’s scavenger group from outside the city, now trapped thanks to Rick’s overuse of his gun. After quick introductions for Jacqui, Morales, T-Dog and Andrea the tension begins to pick up. Between the main plot of survival in an undead world and the short, but well placed piece between Shane and Lori, the writer’s did great job to branch out the details. It makes sense they’d come together after mutual loneliness and grief over what they assume is Rick’s death. Yes, readers of the comic know where this will lead but I digress.
While contending with a horde of “walkers” outside the building, another large threat was waiting. Firing rounds from the roof was Dixon. Played wonderfully by Michael Rooker (Mallrats), Dixon, the resident racist is a man you wanna hate among the flock. After a quick scuffle, the ass-kicking on T-Dog and Dixon’s quick attempt at taking charge, it shows that the undead are not the only thing to fear. Thankfully, Rick, with a quick punch and a pair of handcuffs takes care of business. Now, with no way to escape from the road what’s the gangs next step? How about going underground?
Not wanting to take everyone through the building sewer system for fear of getting them all killed,  Glenn takes Morales as his tunnel spelunking wing man. So while Glenn and Morales explore the tunnels for safe passage, Rick and the rest stay above ground. The scenes of dialogue between Rick and Andrea were a nice little break between the tension, while the proceeding tension between T-Dog (Robert “IronE” Singleton) and Dixon was a nice character expansion. Sadly, the tunnels were not the best choice as those too are undead territory. With all this peace it’s only natural for the zombies to break through, past the first set of doors to the building. Anyone have a back up plan?
If you can’t beat um how about you join them (so to speak)?
With vehicles only blocks away and Zombies all around Rick thinks up what is greatly the best part of the episode. “If bad ideas were an Olympic event this would take the gold.” Yeah, Zombies can see a person but can they smell a person. In what is a highlight of desperation, Rick and company, minus Dixon (still handcuffed), chop up one of the previously disposed walkers and use it’s “Guts” as a cover among the undead. Watching Glenn and Rick maneuver through the filled streets, the remainder watch from the roof, still trying to contact the group outside. Halfway to the cars it begins to rain, meaning big to trouble for our pals on the street.
After a tense, but very quick escape and a few bullets later, it’s off to help everyone else. Splitting up and using noise to their advantage, Glenn and Rick went to help the others but not everyone is so lucky. In an act of kindness T-Dog goes to unlock Dixon only to trip and drop the key down a drain. T-Dog has no other choice but to leave the now very angry Dixon still locked on the roof.
Everyone makes it to the safety of their escape as Dixon is left cursing T-Dog to the Dirt, but hey, he dropped the key. With everyone on their way to meet the rest of the Dallas survivors, the show comes to an end with comedic element Glenn enjoying his ride, a very expensive one, into the sunset.
Overall another well thought out episode. Well placed direction, lighting made the difference I feel, as well as great pacing between action and drama. “Guts” was another reminder of why over 5 million tuned in last week. With next week’s episode, titled “Tell it too the frogs” we can only guess how long it’s going to be until the group dynamic breaks and we say goodbye to a survivor.
This episode is a solid 9 survivors out of 10, close but they left a man behind. It’s still well worth any one’s time on a Sunday night.

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