Quidditch Comes To Life


Like Weezer said, ” Say It Ain’t So!”

Sweet baby Jesus and the Orphans..No pod racing, no  mumbly peg from the Hobbits,  but now thanks to geeks WORLDWIDE we got a factual actual Quidditch World Cup. Now I say “geeks” with a veiled hostility, which is a far cry from a Nerdbastard. A Nerdbastard might “FIX” the Quidditch game so he can win a bet of 300$ so he go and buy  an original Luke Skywalker in the wrong box from “Revenge of the Jedi”.

Next weekend, more than 60 different teams from high schools and universities across the country are expected to gather at De Witt Clinton Park in New York City for the fourth annual Quidditch World Cup.
Harvard University, M.I.T, Yale, Penn State, Duke — several prestigious universities are registered for the World Cup and count quidditch among their extracurricular activities.

University of Maryland student Valerie Fischman isn’t satisfied with quidditch’s current status, however. She’s waging a long-shot campaign for recognition from the National Collegiate Athletic Association.
Fischman originally joined the team because she was a huge Harry Potter fan, not because she was particularly interested in playing a sport. Now she’s a chaser on the University of Maryland team and also serves as its co-vice president.

Time to get the asthma inhalers out and the band aids. Just thank the lord these kids aren’t actually flying around with broomsticks betwixt their legs and running around going ” Vrooooooom” with their mouths.

Quidditch players have to thread several other hoops to make theirs an NCAA sport. There must be official quidditch clubs at a minimum of 50 colleges across the country. Then, athletic directors from those colleges must individually petition the NCAA. It’s a process that could take years — if it happens at all.  Fischman admits it’s not an easy task. She’s hoping for help from her university’s athletic department — as well as the International Quidditch Association.  That’s right, there’s an International Quidditch Association. [via (who else) NPR]

[Said Harvard Co-Captain Stacy Rush]: “The teams great. It’s so much fun flying around on your broomsticks. Now, they look like they don’t fly. In practice, we don’t fly around on them because we’re surrounded by Muggles. And we can’t break our statute of secrecy which is our code of law in the wizarding world.” [IvyGate]

Let me tell you guys something as one of the head Nerdbastards in the world next to Luke “Juggernaut” Gallagher. THIS IS NOT A REAL SPORT. Tis Fiction my friends. Have fun, do your damnedest to squeeze your gym credits out of it, but don’t expect a Jersey next to Lebron James at the Mall next to your “Air Potter” sneakers and “Just Do It, Muggles” Nike’s. These kids need to worry about finding the “Golden Snatch” other than a “Snitch”.



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