A Belated Force Unleashed 2 Review


The Force Unleashed set the standard for an epic Star Wars game. It was announced when it was released that it would be Cannon to the story of what actually happened between Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith and Episode 4 A New Hope. The power you had in your hands as a Jedi Apprentice was staggering and with each level you entered, you got a badass new outfit and got to see a new planet. So with the ending that you were left with, there was NO way that there was going to be a sequel. Until Attack of the Clones brought us the planet of Kamino, and then anything was possible.

I can only compare the size of SWFU2 to God of War 3. The levels are so expansive that instead of in part 1 when you had a new protagonist and level end, this time each level clocks in at about an hour and a half, that was definitely a drawback. If you watched the trailer for the game, you see this massive beast pick up a Rancor with it’s hand and eat it in one bite…Well you have to kill that beast, the Goroth. The length of each level is so long that sometimes the repetition is monotonous. The same bad guys, the same amount of bad guys and every time you clear an area, its just another slew of villains. Also there is no way to go off the path like in Part 1, to find holocubes.

So it sounds like I’m hating on the game, which isn’t true, this was just a comparison to the first one. The scenery and artistry added to FU2 is so much like God Of War 3 that the games are similar in that aspect. In the same way Krato’s is fighting the Titans, Starkiller has to fight that Goroth. Once you have knocked the beast from the Bespin like city, in order to save Kota, you take a Kratos like nose dive after him. Fighting the skyscraper sized beast in free fall. I hate having to add the comparison over and over but the change between FU1 and 2 was so dramatic. Every fire fight you get involved has a dozen stormtroopers, 6 jump troopers, 6 Sith ninja dudes, and usually some form of walker. Even your combos are gone, but now there are some gorgeous grapples that no trooper can come back from. Your Force Push can blow off the plates of storm trooper armor and your sabre throw decapitates any unfortunate Imperial in their path.

The game consists of like, literally? 3 levels. 3 LONG 2 HOUR LEVELS! Its the aesthetic and the ambiance of the game that makes it so gorgeous. With part 1 as practice you can know seamlessly tear through the levels as a killer Jedi. Your final battle with Vader again is quite epic in its own right, but the end, like Boondock Saints 2 leaves you with NO QUESTION in your mind that this is just Part 2, and that 3 is on its way. You get to choose the demise of Vader whether or not you want to- left bumper is the DARK SIDE ending, and the right bumper gives you the LIGHT SIDE. I won’t give away any spoilers but even the good ending left you with a feeling of ” OH SHIT!!”

Part 3 needs to take more elements of 1 and mingle it with 2, and then we will have the sequel we deserve. This game was Fuck-tastick! But strayed to far away from what we loved in Part 1. It even went down a more comedic path between Kota and Starkiller, giving them Obi-Wan like banter and taking away a large part of the drama. Also, considering the major part of the story arc, you need some Juno closure.

The Game is gorgeous. Worth the price of admission to fight the Goroth.

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