Oh My! A New Tron Legacy Trailer


So the newest trailer for Tron Legacy is out and um… I guess it’s cool.  It’s undeniable that the grpahics are INCREDIBLE compared to the first Tron that was made by Disney is 1982; However, this is a new time and technologoly is SO much more advanced now.  What makes the first film so great is that is took a risk by being one of the first films to delve into CGI images.  The film had a set vision and purpose.  The plot in Tron also has substance and is intriguing.  The original Tron creates a whole computer generated world right in front of us, something never really seen before.  The new Tron consist of a lot of fluff and Disney is seriously playing on our nostalgia here. Sometimes certain films need to just be left alone.  But maybe I’m being too harsh.  At least it has Olivia Wilde and she’s pretty fantastic so that’s a plus.  Check out the new Tron Legacy Trailer and I also included the old one just for comparison for those of you who haven’t seen the 82 Tron!  What do you guys think about the new trailer and the movie in general??  Tron will be hitting theaters December 17th and maybe then we can judge if there is really something there.

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