Captain America Hydra Tanks


Now granted nothing can top the official Captain America Entertainment Weekly photos that we were given just a couple of weeks ago; However, some new set photos have popped up from location in Aldershot, England.  The most recent batch of pics that have shown up are of the high powered evil Hydra tanks.  What makes these photos worth our time is that is specifically shows the advancement of technology in the 1940’s.  Plus it’s also interesting to see more elements of the comic making it’s way into the film.  I must say it seems that the more information that’s revealed about this film the better it sounds.  I am most certainly looking forward to when Captain America hits theater on July 22nd.  I think the project from director Joe Johnston featuring Chris Evans will have a lot of great things to offer!

So how do you guys feel about seeing the big bad Hydra name appearing in the film?



Source: SlashFilm

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