DEXTER (Season 5)

That was a great episode of Dexter! “Take It!” was a fantastic episode of a great series that changed the game for the entire rest of the season.

The episode started right out of the gate with the potential ramifications of last week’s Club Mayan shooting – where Laguerta made a bad call and two civilians were killed. Laguerta flat out refuses to take the heat for the bad call that resulted in the deaths, and wants to blame anyone but herself. Deb even called her on it, but Laguerta denied everything. But, shortly after that conversation, Laguerta ended up stabbing Deb in the back and shifting all blame on her.

Even Batista did not know what to do: side with his wife and let Deb take all the blame, or stick with the truth and risk loosing his new wife? Luckily for us, he chose to stick with Deb.

Unfortunately (or fortunately if you’ve been hating all the drama going on between them), after all is said and done, I think this is the final nail in their coffin.

The main plot of this week’s episode focused on Dexter and Lumen finding the perfect opportunity to kill Cole (aka Suit ‘n Tie) during a Jordan Chase seminar that Dexter was attending. The seminar was suitably bizarre, and Chase calling Dexter upstairs to talk to him about loss was just a little creepy. As well, Chase knew an awful lot about Dexter’s life, and took advantage of that by pulling him on stage to talk about Rita’s death during the seminar.

But, like the past few episodes, the best part of the episode focused on Lumen and Dexter’s blooming relationship, and some big milestones for them happened in this episode! Not only did Dexter let Lumen help, they also set up the kill room together for Cole. The line of Dexter saying, “This is a lot easier with a partner. But a partner of what?” really shows how much he trusts her. Also, both of them shared their secrets with one another – Dexter telling Lumen about his past and why he kills, and Lumen with her fiancee and how being with Dexter is the only part that makes sense. The moment when Lumen was freaking out and Dexter just looked into her eyes to calm her down and let her sleep for the first time, was extremely well done.

But, like all the best laid plans, everything did not go according to plan with Cole, as he saw Lumen. But thanks to some quick work, Dexter (and Lumen!) dispatched the bad guy. And Dexter gave Lumen the blood slide, possibly the biggest action Dexter has ever done for anoter person. Kudos all around Dexter writers!

Lumen has become an extremely important person in Dexter’s life, and I hope they keep her around for many season’s to come. And plus, how can you not love Julia Stiles?

And the reveal at the end that Chase is the watch man, and that Quinn’s detective saw Lumen and Dexter disposing of the body? Fantastic.

One last thing I have to mention is Deb. When she killed someone last week, I was afraid that she was going to take it incredibly hard. But, this week when she said she felt nothing, and that “some people deserve to die,” was an excellent choice. A great move.

This episode was suspenseful, touching, thrilling and extremely well done. I give “Take It!” a perfect ten blood-stain slides out of 10.

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