Mega Man 3 “Game Over” WITH LYRICS


To all you silly boobs and fuckin noobs out there that suck at Mega Man 3 (and at life) our friend, the gaming maestro himself brentalfloss has a very special song for you. Technically he’s making fun of the game, ’cause it dickishly plays a cheery tune when you die to make fun of you, but personally it’s a brilliant motivational tool for anyone trying to beat ANY difficult game, really. Hell, I’d sure as hell want to get better if every time I got a ‘game over’ someone sang this to me.

Mega Man or no Mega Man  this song is the greatest verbal smackdown. Best series of insults you’ll ever hear, and a catchy tune no less. Plus, Floss in a supersexy top hat. It’s fucking ‘Game Over’ man.

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