Somewhere over the rainbow…  lies a Wizard of Oz remake?   It seems so folks.  Warner Bros. along with Robert Zemeckis are bringing this 1939 classic back and utilizing the original script to do so!  Right now Zemeckis is SUPER  busy with Yellow Submarine for Disney and Timeless using performance-capture animation for Warner on his plate but has found room for this project as well.  While there is no cast set in place it may already have a rival with Sam Raimi’s project for Disney,  The Great and Powerful Oz starring Robert Downey Jr.

Personally, I love the original and think that if done right Zemeckis’ version could turn out really well.  Anyone that can bring us an epic, heart warming story like Forrest Gump is more than capable of capturing what a new version of the Wizard of Oz would need; a mix of mushy emotion, sincere drama and comedy.

So what do you guys think about this remake??

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