Ways to Sci-Fi Up Your Thanksgiving Holiday Meal

thanksgiving(Post by nerdbastards fan and #1 commenter Mark Poynter, a.k.a Mordrun)

It’s the Holidays, and first up is Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving means a lot of things to different people. There’s the food (I could tell you about a turkey one year that smoked up the entire house), the family (Your hipster brother and his vegan wife, your sister’s kids and her latest motorcycle riding, tattooed boyfriend, your aunt that loves to tell the story of the time she banged Walter Koenig, because you like that Star Wars stuff), the remembrance of things we are thankful for (No 3D for Batman 3). Thanksgiving is all about tradition. Why not slip a little Nerd Bastard tradition in there. Celebrate your Nerdiness by bringing your love of Sci-Fi to the food you love for Thanksgiving.

Check out the ideas below to Sci-Fi up your Thanksgiving Holiday.



Buy two extra turkey legs when you go get your bird. How ever you like to cook your turkey, baked, smoked, or fried, add the two extra legs when plattering that delicious bird. Now you serving a 1960’s movie, four-legged, radiated, monster bird. Besides, who doesn’t want to put a stop to the argument over who gets the leg. Now there’s plenty for everyone!

Mashed Potatoes

Picture of Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Who doesn’t love mashed potatoes? Our alien overlords that’s who! Serve these mashed potatoes to root out those alien bastards and get our world back! Be sure to check your guests carefully, these aliens are crafty and know mashed potatoes will be served and will have insidious plans to hide them in their napkins, slip them to the family dog, or simply put them on their neighbors plate!

Green Beans & Asparagus

Picture of Fried Green Beans Recipe

Tired of the same old green bean casserole? Try some of these great fried green beans. Guess what? This works for the asparagus too. You could call these fried bug legs ala Starship Troopers. Something should take the bitter taste of that movie out of your mouth after watching.

Cranberry Sauce


Time to take this Thanksgiving treat out of the can and make it something your family looks forward to each year. Cranberries are just begging to be molded into the shape of a tentacle or other alien appendage. Hey! This is a family dinner.


Corn Balls Recipe

Instead of the traditional way you do corn, try making this great corn ball recipe from Taste of Home website. You always thought that it was the design plans for the Death Star that were stolen. Not so. It was Darth Vader’s Corn Ball Death Stars recipe that those brave Rebel Alliance soldiers stole, and you know how secretive Darth is about his recipes.



Make some bread and just add green food coloring. Now your serving Solvent Green. It’s made of people . . it’s made of people! If making bread is too scarey for you, just get a cylinder of biscuits out of the refrigerator and work some green food coloring in. Easy and quick.



The kids at the table should drink milk. Blue food coloring makes that the famous blue Bantha milk of Star Wars.

Orange juice and champagne for the adults makes Tranya from the original Star Trek.

Thanksgiving Day Toast

Here’s where you, the reader, get into the Thanksgiving spirit and help out this Nerd Bastard with a proper toast for Thanksgiving. Put your best in the comments below!

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