In the Harry Potter universe, curses do exists. And while many consider that being known as the “The Boy Who Lived” has its problems … there is one thing that is even worse – Being the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher!

Think about it. Every teacher of that course has either died, exiled or cursed! And yet, each teacher had a profound effect on Harry’s year and personality in some way.

Below, courtesy from the folks at Cinemablend.com, is an infographic showing you 6 or the 7 Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers from the movies and books (the 7th, Amycus Carrow, is not on the list because we don’t see much, as the vast majority of the book’s plot occurs away from Hogwarts).

Each teacher is rated, on a scale of 1 to 5, on the strength of their character, effect on Harry, and their overall importance to the plot.

Check out the picture below the jump!


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