DEXTER (Season 5)

Sorry for the delayed review, but there was a problem with my television and I was unable to watch it. Full episode spoilers below!

Another great episode of Dexter, albeit not as good as last week’s, which was amazing.

This episode was ultimately all about relationships, and the problems that come up because of them. It seems that no relationship on the show is as clear as they used to be – Dexter and Lumen, Deb and Quinn, Batista and Laguerta.

Near the beginning of the episode, we got the welcomed return of Dexter’s step-daughter, Astor. It was nice to see her return after she and her brother left so early on in the season, and it allowed Dexter and her to re-connect (especially since they had such a hard time of it in the premiere). We got some very nice moments between her and Dexter, especially when it was revealed the real reason Astor ran away was to help her friend Olivia escape from her abusive father.

By bringing in Astor and Olivia, it allowed Dexter to become nothing more than a distraught parent, and caused secrets to come out into the open. He had to tell the police (when he thought the girls were kidnapped) that he spent the morning in a therapy session with Jordan Chase, and Deb finally met Lumen. That was a very bizarre situation, as everyone thinks Lumen and Dexter are romantically involved, but they are not. In a way, they have a deeper connection … they are emotionally involved. Could it turn into something romantic? Yes, I believe it can, as Lumen knows, accepts and likes the real Dexter Morgan.

The scene with Dexter and Barry, Olivia’s father, was a very powerful one. Not only for the violence Dexter afflicted on him by replicating Olivia’s injuries (great job writers!), but him just being a concerned father. It needed to be that violent for him to get his point across to Barry and for us to believe it, and it worked beautifully!

Laguerta has regressed this season into a woman who cares about nothing but her career and getting ahead, as shown in her conversation with Deb. I’m glad that Batista is standing firm in his refusal to back her and her cockamamie stories that shift all the blame away from her. I do not know how the story will resolve, but I personally hope Laguerta gets her comeuppance. Meanwhile, the plot with Liddy, who took the pictures at the end of last week’s episode, progressed nicely. Quinn fired him after Deb discovered the reason he was suspended, but there is no way the story ends here. He will likely meet a gruesome end before the season is done, but there’s potential there to stir up the pot while he’s still breathing.

Also, the Jordan Chase plot did not move forward that much, but was interesting. For some reason, Chase carries around a vial of a woman named Emily Birch’s blood around his neck, and now is increasingly suspicious of Dexter. The fact that he called Dexter’s house and spoke to Lumen at the end of the episode was just plain ol’ creepy.

One more thing must be said about this episode, we are seeing a lot more emotion from Dexter this season. We’ve seen his anger about Trinity’s last act, his sadness about loosing Rita, and his love for his kids in this episode. Just think about back to season one, where he was just playing along about being human. It appears that, as we’ve all known all along, his kids (and I’d be willing to say Lumen as well) are helping him become a more whole person.

I give this episode 8.5 blood-stain slides out of 10 for some great scenes, intriguing character development, and setting up a great tail-end of the season.

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