Fox Moves Fringe to Friday, Oh Noes!

Fringe Sad

For all you Fringe fans out there, here is some sad news… the hit Fox show created by J.J. Abrams has been moved to the 9pm Friday slot… conveniently  known as the “Kiss of Death Slot”.  Now all of you may remember a little tv show called Dollhouse created by genius Joss Whedon that was aired on Fox at 8pm on Fridays, or maybe you don’t because most likely you were out getting shitfaced on your 10th shot of tequila by then.  This great show inevitably got canceled, only lasting two seasons.  Granted, Fringe has been a pretty popular show for the network but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to send it on it’s merry little “paranormal” way.   Despite the fact that Fox execs say they plan on renewing the show, do you guys think this is any indication that the show is on the way out??

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