Think of the baddest of bad guys in the science fiction genre … but who is the baddest of the bad?

In the left corner: the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader from Star Wars … and in the right corner, the Dark Lord of the Dark Arts, Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter!

Forget a battle to the death, as those have been SO overdone. There is only one sure-fire way to determine who is the best at being the worst … A CHART (courtesy of Smoosh.com)!

Check out the chart below the jump. Do you agree with the ultimate winner?


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  • Jamie D.

    Not really, it is actually clasified under the “Greater Deeds for the sake of Human Kind” label, so it is actually good, not bad.
    However, letting him live (or making him inmortal, like that twilight shit)… that is BAD, makes the world a F*cked up sh*thole place…….