You read that right folks, during an interview with MTV, Mark Wahlberg confirmed that he will be playing the lead in the upcoming Uncharted film. Wahlberg seems excited about the project and is looking forward to nest summer in which they hope to start filming.

Wahlberg also revealed that David O. Russell (The Fighter, Three Kings) has written the script and will also direct the project. Also, for the first time in the Uncharted universe, we will be introduced to Nathan Drake’s father and uncle, who will be played by Rober De Niro and Joe Pesci (The GoodFellas yo!) respectively.

While I know there was an internet campaign to get Nathan Fillion to play the role of Drake, I’m not that disappointed with this casting news as much as some of you will probably be. As long as Drake’s voice actor, Nolan North, makes some sort of cameo, I’ll be happy.

Source: Destructoid

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