93 Different Anime Series, One Opening


While we all know it’s hard to be original, there is nothing wrong to create or do something that has been done before since folks will be familiar with it. Well, the video here is to show that the anime industry is not afraid of doing that familiar thing… over and over again.

Derek Lieu created the video posted below that may prove that the anime industry follows a certain formula or checklist when it comes to making the opening animation. Whether it be running towards the left side of the screen to a close up of a characters eye, the video shows how 93 different anime opening animation has something in common with each other.

As an anime fan, I find this hilarious and to be honest, I can name 10+ more anime that can fit into this video. Even if you’re not a anime fan, I say check the video out just to see how ridiculous it is.

Source: Topless Robot

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