Check out the TV Spot for the Spidey Musical!


Oh, Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark, please stop toying with our emotions!  First, you not only turn off the dark, but also turn off any desire people may have to see this thing by taking a classic comic to the stage.  Then, we go through more ups and downs than a damn yo-yo with various release dates for the projects.  Finally, you reveal some of the costumes ,which I must agree with others who have commented that “they just look plain silly”.  Now, a television spot has hit  that may have opinions may be slowly changing and wanting to see this thing!

The TV spots are mysterious and captivating much like the hero of the play.  The behind the scenes footage with Julie Taymor the director, talking aboutt he project is especially compelling.  I am definitely getting pretty excited to see this thing when it gets released in January (hopefully).  Dammit Spidey, you may have trapped me in your web of dancing villains and musical numbers after all!

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