The Princess Bride Star Wars poster

Making a fan-man vintage poster may be simple to do- an Adobe traced collage marked with a few pastel colors and some filters, but it’s what imagination and creativity that goes into them that makes for a memorable and honorable mark in the nerd art Macrocosm.

Case in point. Graphic designer Matthew Ranzetta has taken famous scenes and icons from Star Wars. and merges them with classic non-scifi films. Something so simple yet so brilliant. Original mash-ups that would serve as great feature-length parodies. At-least t-shirts or posters you would be proud to own.

Check out three of the five posters below. If you want to see the others and the rest of Matthew Ranzetta’s artwork, head over to his blog. Like most fan-made posters these are not for sale, but where there is a will there is a way.

The Princess Bride Star Wars poster

Star Wars Empire of the Sun poster

Cool Hand Luke Star Wars poster

A few he left out-

Ewok to Remember

What About Boba Fett?

The Last Emperor
What? You can do better? I’d like to see you try. Have at thee.

source: screenrant

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