‘The Hobbit’ Casting Director Fired for Racism


I may be wrong, but I’ve seen all the Lord of the Ring movies and can’t remember seeing dark skinned hobbits anywhere. Therefore, it presumes the fictional hobbit characters have never been portrayed as anything but fair-skinned. Am I right? Right! Well, that didn’t stop someone from shitting in some casting directors cereal.

A casting director for Peter Jackson’s upcoming film adaptations of “The Hobbit” has been fired after placing newspaper ads seeking extras with “light skin tones” only. According to a spokesperson for Jackson’s production company, no specifications regarding skin color were ever made, and the crew member took it upon themselves to only audition actors with pale skin for hobbit characters. Apparently believing that hobbits could only be played by whites.

Much of this controversy has to do with an earlier report by The Sydney Morning Herald who wrote about an aspiring actress named Naz Humphreys who had tried to audition as an extra but was denied the chance due to the color of her skin.

Humphreys who is 5 ft tall has all the essential requirements to be a hobbit extra, but the British Pakistani was told that she’s not white enough.

light skin tones? sorry how is that offensive? Oh, I get it. They’re just mad that all the non-white parts were for Orcs and other hideous middle earth chuds.

OK, maybe that was a bit mean. To tell you the truth I think the casting people behind the Hobbit are ass-hats who don’t know a goddamn thing about Tolkien’s characters. In “The Lord of the Rings”, Tolkien described three races of Hobbits inhabiting the Middle Earth fantasy world , including harfoots, who “were browner of skin” than the others. Now, had the idiot casting members actually read the books, and not based they’re casting specifications solely from what was seen in previous movies they would have realized that they’re can be a homey hobbit.

Personally, I don’t think the casting people are racist by any means. Just idiots who made an assumption.  If all the hobbits in LoTR were white, then it is a perfectly logical assumption by the casting director that the ones in the Hobbit would be the same.  He/she should have known better, yes, but termination just seems so unwarranted. People are way to0 goddamn sensitive.

source: EW

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