Yesterday we told you about a rumor going around that the The Dark Knight Rises would feature unused footage of Heath Ledger‘s Joker. Christopher Nolan squashed this absurd, ridiculous rumor telling Thompson on Hollywood:

Nolan, bearded and affable, explained that he’s scrambling to finish the script for The Dark Knight Rises, his third Batman movie, which he’s writing in collaboration with his brother Jonathan, mostly from his oceanfront abode in the Paradise Cove trailer park in Malibu..The script is due in January for a July release. But he wouldn’t say what the story’s about or who the villain is, other than to confirm that Inception’s Tom Hardy will play “a key role, not saying good or bad,” and to shoot down reports that he’ll resurrect The Joker by including unused footage of Heath Ledger’s performance in the previous chapter. “That’s all wrong,” said the writer-director, who’s also producing the next Superman movie, for Zack Snyder to direct.

The ghost of Heath Ledger “NOT” appearing in Batman 3. Well, duh! Christopher Nolan must loathe the rumor mill because he seems to spend most of his time clearing up the mostly nonsensical rumours that start circulating online! *Most of which come from us nerds bastards*

The real bit of news here is the Nolan not only confirms that Tom Hardy is part of the cast, but that he will play “a key role”.

Tom Hardy  as Manbat, just sayin.

The Dark Knight Rises is set to be released on July 30, 2012!

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