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With Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark and now Batman Live it seems like superhero stories brought to the stage are all the rage.  It was only a matter of time before these comic book heroes that we’ve known and loved all of our lives were brought to the stage.  What’s great about this is that it allows us to see them in a new light.  Recently, the crew at Captain Hippo has decided to cash in on this idea with their musical, Hulk: Inside and Out.

This production team, based in Brooklyn, Ny has created their hilarious and extremely well done version of what a Hulk musical would be like.  The songs are catchy and with Christmas right around the corner nothing will get you more into the holiday spirit than the Hulk singing a holiday tune in his Christmas hat.

The Captain Hippo group is brought to us founders Steven Levine, Michael Antonucci and Daniel Spenser.  With their ridiculous antics and the way they command the stage no wonder they have worked with the likes of MTV, The Onion and animator Bill Plympton.

Source: io9 , Captain Hippo

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