There’s nothing like the feeling of opening up your mailbox and finding your copy of 27… I mean, Kick Ass waiting for you.  So it’s no wonder that other companies out there like Sony, Vizio and specifically Amazon are interested in giving Netflix, the company that gives you that feeling some direct competition.  What is their plan of attack you may asks?

The Hollywood Reporter tells us Amazon plans to offer customers “a bundle with the Amazon Prime shipping service, which costs $79 a year“.   Seriously, that’s the plan?  Now while ultimately this would be a cheaper option than a Netflix subscription for the year I just don’t see it working unless they split up the payments monthly just like Netflix does.  There’s just something about 10 bucks a month that sounds SO much better than 79 dollars a year.

OnLive Ceo Steve Perlman recently commented on the media juggernaut known as Netflix,

“I think ‘concerned’ is a gross understatement,  There’s a snowball effect. At some point they have so much content, if you want to get your stuff distributed you have to go with them.”

And to that I say, please stop whining!  With the rising cost of cable, the utter lack of video stores anymore and Netflix’ wonderful streaming video options we regular folks enjoy the simple, low cost joy of Netflix; So let it be, please.  Who’s with me??

Source: HollywoodReporter

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