A Klingon Christmas Carol

(Article by nerdbastards contributor Mark Poynter, A.K.A Mordrun)

“It’s a good day to die…NO! It’s a good day for the theatre”

I writing this article under my bed and under protest.  The last two writers that took on a review of Klingon theater were sliced and diced by by enraged Klingon actors.  Apparently the Federation Witness Protection program won’t be created for another 600 years so I am taking the risk and going ahead with the article.  If anything happens, give nerdbastards writer Nick Bungay my Star Trek Pizza cutter.

There is a time when the goofy, geeky, way out there nerdiness of fanboys transcends the everyday pale and becomes something wonderful to witness.  This is what happened in the Minnesota in 2007.  A group of dedicated Klingon fans, members of the IKV RakeHell of the Klingon Assault Group and the company at Commedia Beauregard joined forces to produce “A Klingon Christmas Carol.”  In 2010 the production is at the Landmark Center in Saint Paul, MN. and they are taking the show to a new location in Chicago at the Greenhouse Theater Center.

November 26 – December 19, 2010
Downstairs Mainstage
Wed-Sat 7:30pm, Sun 2:30pm
Featuring Kevin Alves and Jesse Manson
“A Klingon Christmas Carol.”

Scrooge has no honor, nor any courage. Can three ghosts help him to become the true warrior he ought to be in time to save Tiny Tim from a horrible fate? Performed in the Original Klingon with English Supertitles, and narrative analysis from The Vulcan Institute of Cultural Anthropology.

The Dickens classic tale of ghosts and redemption adapted to reflect the Warrior Code of Honor and then translated into tlhIngan Hol  (That’s the Klingon Language)

Check out the video below for a taste of the show and it’s production values.  Now they just need to get this thing national.  Maybe they could team up with Patrick Stewart, he loves A Christmas Carol.  So much that he put on a one man show.  Hey, Don’t miss your chance to see this if your in the Chicago area!

“A Klingon Christmas Carol” is going to Chicago! from Christopher Kidder on Vimeo.

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