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Every time you watch the BBC series Doctor Who and he uses that sonic screwdriver don’t you wish you could have one of your own? Well, thanks to professor Bruce Drinkwater you may get your wish one day. The cleverly named professor of Ultrasonics is currently working with experiments to create an actual sonic screwdriver in real life. While it’s not a traveling blue police booth we all hope for it’s still just as awesome for fans of this classic sci-fi series.

A recent press release from the Bristol university released the following:

“The technology is already being trialled in modern manufacturing to fix parts together and ultrasonic force fields are being developed within the medical field to separate diseased cells from healthy cells. Professor Drinkwater and The Big Bang team are now exploring whether super powerful versions of these sound beams could bring Doctor Who’s iconic device to life. …

Engineers are looking into how ultrasonic waves can be spun at high speed to create a twisting force similar to that of a miniature tornado, which could undo screws remotely. They have also experimented with rotating ultrasonic force fields which would act like the head of a real screwdriver.”

Just think of the implications of having a sonic screwdriver of your very own one day. Never getting locked out of your car or house, never buying another lock for the gym, even sneaking to V.I.P. concerts without having to be a groupie. The only bad thing about this is how long would it be until people start getting arrested for sonic breaking and entering or being a sonic peeping tom. While this tech is only on it’s baby legs right now it has plenty of potential for success in the future. Now get started on that psychic paper, I want into comic-con by 2013 or at least the Adult Film Awards.

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