A Very Pandora Wedding Ceremony


Ah, the moons of Pandora…The floating mountains…The Na’vi in attendance? Do you have a passport? Because now you can have the Wedding of your dreams in China. Park workers at the park in Wulingyuan, China , where you can find the real  mountains that inspired the ones that floated in the movie—are offering an Avatar wedding package, Na’vi included. Who does the ceremony, I have no idea. Maybe a Chinese park worker speaking in Chinese or broken Na’vi. But instead you get a crazy low budget rendition, where I now want to go to get married and laugh at what I just shelled out 10,000$ for (Real pricing is not yet known). We do have some words from an unhappy customer:

“The Navi were a couple of forestry workers dressed up in long underwear dyed blue wearing some very unconvincing masks. It was really pathetic.”

Couldn’t get some real molds or actual Avatar masks to match the tights huh? Those are some harsh words, perhaps maybe if they are selling this as an actual Avatar package they should have a little more available than just a nice view. If I had the cash I would go to only have those mountains at my flanks, unfortunately the native Na’vi aren’t making the deal any juicier.

Maybe they should watch the movie.

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