Are These The Droids You’re Looking To Wear?

droid shoes

Living in Japan has helped me see some of the weirdest merchandise that ranges from knives to cell phone covers (and to be honest, I’ve seen some things that my eyes probably shouldn’t have seen). It seems that Adidas wants to take some of the craziness in a form of show by basing it on one of nerd culture’s known franchise.

What you see above is Adidas’ Star Wars Top Ten Low Droid Shoes and like it’s shown above, it’s a pair of sneakers that pays tribute to both C-3po and R2-D2. The shoes will set you back $110.00.

While it may seem cool in theory, c’mon, will wearing a half gold-half white shoes raise your nerd cred? Unless you have a track suit that is half gold-half white, I don’t think anyone would wear these out in public. What do y’all think? Am I not nerd enough to wear this and you’re willing to wear them or are you with me on not wearing these?

Source: Topless Robot

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