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[UPDATE] Last 24 Hrs of Alien news is WRONG!

*Being that I was the one that reported the previous news on the Ridley Scott Alien movie I feel it’s necessary for me to report this.

Everything you’ve heard about the Alien movie in production over the last forty-eight hours has been wrong and incorrect. So, like taking another test to fix the one you cheated on before, we’ve come back to correct our mistakes. From the title of this Alien prequel, to possible actors, even why the film is being delayed has to be tossed out the window before the air lock closes up.

Thanks to Fox entertainment’s Chris Petrikin, who jumped onto Fox’s Twitter feed and debunked the two of the biggest stories about the movie. The Alien movie is not being called Paradise as reported in our previous post, and it will only be one movie and not two as previously reported. As for the actors taking part in Ridley Scott‘s prequel, all this casting news is “just plain wrong.”

Everyone from Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender and Michelle Yeoh are only part of a “shortlist” dreamed up by Scott to take part in the film. As for anything else we would know well all the bio-signs are green and that’s a good thing. The film isn’t being delayed as first thought and preproduction is still going on. Since the film isn’t necessarily a greenlit production just yet there can’t be any delay on it. Until the movie officially shows any other news this is only a bug hunt.
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