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(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

It’s Friday…finally! Ending the nerd week comes our ever-popular ‘Sexy Cosplay Of The Week’, and this week is a special entry to the archive of sexy. Every week we go out and look for those that spend their weekends at conventions getting asked “Can you bend to the left a bit more?” If you’re someone who’s constantly getting asked to bend in awkward positions (not by a group of drunk idiots) then your in luck. You just might be our pick of the week! Ha…and your mother said dressing up would get you nowhere, well suck on this mother!

This week we speak the name of: Alice Malice

Not much is currently known about this Tampa, FL vixen Alice Malice, but that only adds to her mystery, not to mention the beauty. Known as a alt/cosplay/fetish model she doesn’t just dress as Zatanna for a weekend, she dresses up everyday of the week. When isn’t working the cosplay art (which is also her favorite hobby) Alice Malice can be geeking out more than most men. A self professed “Huge Geek” she sometimes uses her downtime between shoots to read comic books or play video games. Outside of her work/play Alice has been known to be a tabletop rpg player, most recently destroying armies in Warhammer 40k. Nothing is sexier than a woman that knows kicking your ass with a dice role is more painful then getting kicked in the dice.

Alice Malice got into cosplay when she was 14 years old and she enjoyed every minute of it. After becoming a legal adult she jumped into the world of nude cosplay and all the can be said is “well played”. Playing greats like X-men’s Rogue and X-23 to being both of DC comic’s sexiest pair of criminal vixens, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. In between hitting up comic books and anime (check out the shot of her with Jessica Nova) she was the ‘gamer girl’ for Geek girls online (must be 18) and has been part of the cosplaying nirvana Cosplay deviants , quite a feat.

Always enjoying what she does Alice Malice is a rarity to behold. She considers her work to be live fan art for the masses to enjoy at home or abroad. It’s quite enjoyable to sit back, relax, and enjoy a good show, it’s even better when the person your watching actually enjoys what they’ve set out to do. Alice Malice has an almost drool worthy aura around her that all women should be happy to have. Being comfortable in your own skin is a hard act to follow, doing it next to nothing is almost impossible. If you got a few minutes to spare in your day then head to Alice Malice’s facebook or twitter page. Her homepage, is still under construction but that shouldn’t be of any concern soon.

Thank you Alice Malice for being this week’s ‘Sexy Cosplay Of The Week’ it was a real delight. Seeing someone that enjoys her work is a real treat to behold and most people don’t do. If you come into contact with Alice Malice be nice and say hello to the pretty woman. Congratulations on being this week’s choice among the nerdbastards crowd. Hold the symbolic trophy up high, but just remember that it doesn’t come with a cash prize.

Wanna see more of Alice Malice? Check out the pictures after the jump.

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