Earlier this year, the folks over at Japan built a life size Gundam statue because, well, they can and the 18 meter (about 59 ft.) monument has been hit over there. It seems China wanted some of that glory and decided to build one as well.

The orange Gundam shown above will be about 15 meter (about 49 ft.) tall and the folks of Chengdu Guosetianxiang is hoping that this will brighten the area up for Christmas. While calling it bootleg may be mean, the whole orange color to it makes it look like one.

Which leaves me to ask, when will America build some sort of freakin’ tall statue of something!?! C’mon, we need to compete and show them that we can build something just as big. What do y’all say? What do you think America needs to build in order to compete with the Gundam monuments?

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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