While many of us NerdBastards are ready for the zombie apocalypse to happen, it seems that the local news still needs some practicing to report when it happens.

A local Louisiana NBC news reported on how a family’s camp was destroyed and before the camera met the same fate, we got the picture posted above, which was found on the sim card that was laying around. While the news anchors had no idea what it was, they decided to go to Facebook to get people’s response on the whole thing.

Alright, it may not be a real zombie attack but what ever that thing is on that image, it looks pretty damn scary (and to an extent, fake). Though, seeing “professional” news anchors going to Facebook to get something out of this is pretty sad as I would have been more than happy to go out there and do some sort of research and reporting. Hell, I would have gone to the camp site to check it out to see if the the thing exist… of course, me being the fat bastard, I probably would be an easy target.

Source: Geekologie

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