(Article by nerdbastards contributor Mark Poynter, A.K.A Mordrun)

Have you ever had something or someone, that once you notice it or them, that’s all you see everywhere you look?  After posting the photo of Wil Wheaton in an elf suit giving the camera the finger . . . all Wheaton, all the time.  So I thought, I’ll check out some forums I haven’t been to in a while.  Posts in forums tend to take strange twists and turns that come out of no where.  The post starts out simple enough . . . What’s your best type of post?  I am reading down the thread, getting ready to throw out my two cents about the topic when, BLAM!  Suddenly I am inexplicably hungry, horny, and amused, all at the same time.

TheWeem shot back:

Oh yea?

I see your Betty White, your Bea Arthur, and Estelle Getty and Rue McClanahan, and I raise you ALL of them playing D&D with Wil Wheaton in the middle of an iconic D&D bar fight, framed in bacon…

CarlZog did make one good point:

Going from a Bea Arthur raise directly to this is akin to a serious breach of double dog dare etiquette: socially awkward in its timing, but inspiringly bold in its execution.

What else could I possibly add?


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