8 Bit Skittles Video Game Art


Don’t you love all minimalist artwork of any 8 bit video game character? I do. Funny thing is, it’s almost always  these same picture poses, but who cares? They are the staples of video game history as well as our present kings. Lets face it, Mario and Link still rule the roost for overall sales and foreign&domestic game grosses. I bought the Wii JUST to play Zelda: Twilight Princess. And Mario games still out sell the masses. So what better way to immortalize these two than Skittle art? There is no better way. I’m thinking that Link’s sword are the purple (Grape) ones and the hilt has to be a mashup of the sour skittles. Geekologie has it right, the sour skittles are uber tasty, although by the time you’re done with a bag they have burned the inside of your mouth raw with the acidity of the turpentine sour powder.


via geekologie

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