Sexy Cosplay of The Week: Cosplay Kitten Heidi Rogers

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(Post by nerdbastards contributor Nick Bungay- Twitter @NickBungay)

Here we are, only ten days from a bearded man’s birthday  and it’s time for this week’s ‘Sexy Cosplay of The Week’.

When you go to a convention do you go to see the panels? The special previews for the following year’s hottest movies? Hell no, it’s for the cosplay and the cosplay girls only. What a better way to start the weekend then by getting to see a beautiful woman dressed up like a sexy fictional babe. It just makes you heart warm and your mistletoe tingle with glee. So how about we get this early christmas present opened up, shall we?

This week we speak the name of: Cosplay Kitten Heidi Rogers

Born under the name of Heidi Rogers, Cosplay Kitten is a very busy woman who always has something to do. If she isn’t on the cosplay circuit she’s working as an artist and costume designer for various sources. Don’t be fooled by her name however, this graduate of graphic design is an uber nerd with an addiction to video games and cosplay. It’s nice to see a woman that enjoys a hobby enough to make it part of her career, it takes passion. Besides sewing and cosplay, Heidi is a HUGE Dungeons & Dragons player and avid ghosthunter (!?!). A lover of fresh air and sunshine, Heidi Rogers is nerd who’s shaped by what she grew up with and she shaped up very well.

Completely self-taught in the ways of sewing and pattern making, Cosplay Kitten has learned the oldest of mottos: practice makes perfect. She began to sew at the age of thirteen thanks to her grandmother and a green sewing machine she purchased. Thanks to that metal beast she hasn’t lost her passion for what she continues to do. Having a blast dressing up as the various characters from anime, manga and video games it’s all about detail for this woman. From putting it together, right down to finding the right wig, it’s all about the finer points for her. She even learns to make her own armor and accessories, metal shop must have been a fun class. How many ladies can say they built their own shield from scratch? Not many, that’s for sure. Besides conventions, Rogers has been featured in magazines (Anime Insider 2005) as well as various online articles and websites. She’s been everywhere and she hasn’t even needed pay a plane ticket.

If your ever in the vicinity of a convention that has Heidi Rogers is in the you should drop by and say hello. A very friendly person to interact with and talk to, Heidi looks like very enjoyable person. Try chatting it up with her about poetry or ghost hunting, ask her how her book is coming along. Can’t get to the convention, no problem when you have the internet. Drop her a line at her personal webpage or shop her online store (coming soon). Flattery is always a welcome gesture to anyone but money is just a bit better.

Cosplay Kitten Heidi Rogers is this week’s ‘Sexy Cosplayer of the Week’ and its a very welcome choice for everyone. Beauty and brains rolled into a very neat, and sexy, package. Take your (not real) trophy and stick it over the fireplace with pride. Thanks for coming out to this weeks show, don’t forget to tip your waitress.

Wanna see more of Heidi Rogers? Check out these sneak peeks below:

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