Theater Marketing Spider-Man

Alright, it’s official, I don’t think this thing is EVER fucking coming out!  And it’s a damn shame too.   If the images  from Vanity Fair and snippets on 60 minutes are any indication, it seems like it’s gonna be pretty sweet.  Apparently, the show is once again being delayed until February.  The reason for the delay?  All those mixed reviews from the preview nights, which occurred these last 2 weeks have had a big enough effect on director Julie Taymore and the rest of the crew enough to do an ENTIRE re-write of the last act.  While audiences loved the spectacle, they found some hiccups as the story unfolded.  Bono and the Edge will be working on the project full time later on this month.

So my only concern is, after all these delays are people still gonna want to see this thing?  And even more importantly can any amount of re-writes fix this thing??

Source: SlashFilm

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