In what could be the most intriguing and disturbing depiction of the ESRB we are delivered what should be the new standard to rate a video game. Coming from the minds of sunday comic Nerf Now!! is their depiction of how these games should be accompanied. And what better way to depict the ESRB rating system then to use a sleeping anime girl. I know it sounds campy but it gets better. From artist Josué Pereira, we see just how a T rating actual stacks up against the hardcore adults only rating. The image was so risque that even Pereira didn’t want to post it on the Nerf Now!! site but allowed the gaming blog Kotaku to release it.
To check out what’s so risque about this rating system follow the jump and see for yourself (slightly NSFW).

Pretty freaky huh? Nice and tame up top and “holy shit!” on the bottom.

To see more of Josué Pereira’s work skip on over to his deviantArt page or Nerf Now!!

Via: Kotaku

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