During the last week Marvel has been releasing these various images and a video teasing a new event in the Marvel universe. Just what exactly are these images and the video? Well, check it out after the jump.

Like the early teaser footage of film and television, these images will most likely never be in the final cut of their respective series but how cool would that be. Already knowing what’s going to happen before you see it is like giving the bully your money and still getting your ass kicked. Just what does it all mean (double rainbow maybe?) and what are some of the implications that could be a game changer in the Marvel household. Thanks to Tom Brevoort and Alex Alonso, in a recent interview with Comic Book Resources, they gave readers the skinny on the upcoming Marvel event and some, but not all, of the details as to when the madness will hit.

“You know, we went into the Heroic Age, and we took a year or so off from doing big, interconnected event series, because we sensed a certain fatigue was setting in, both on the part of the readers and our creators. And fans seemed to like that for the most part. But now we’re all well-rested and it’s time to get back to business again.”

“So the thing we’re going to be talking about a week from now is massive. It’s incredibly huge, incredibly far-reaching. It’s a big ol’ bombshell to drop, and there’s not much more I can say about it ahead of time. But yes, this will not be a small thing. This will be a grand, sweeping, epic Marvel event the likes of which you haven’t seen in a few years. It’s definitely larger in scope than “Siege,” more on the scale of “Secret Invasion,” and as ambitious in its way as “Civil War.”

“To that end, we’re having a press conference on Tuesday at Noon Eastern at a location we can’t reveal quite yet. But if you can’t make it, we’re streaming the whole thing live on Marvel.Com.”

A streaming press conference, something that Marvel hasn’t really done before and it’s for a storyline! What are these guy’s thinking or is it a case of just put it out there and let fate decide. Coming from a company that has made some pretty bad decisions in it’s past but still maintained a very solid record of success it’s all going to be a wild day. Until this tuesday arrives however we’re going to have to sit at our chalkboards and start speculating till they release of this  “Do You Fear” event. After a year of bad “mini” events, like the terrible Shadowlands, let’s hope Marvel hasn’t put too many of their eggs in one basket.

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