Fringe Ad Goes Firefly

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Fringe is a really good show when it’s on top form. The first season was a little rough, but the episodes and character arcs have been getting progressively better and better.

However, that soon may end thank to Fox‘s scheduling.

The least popular nights for scripted television are on Friday and Saturday, and Fox (in all of its glory) has decided to shift Fringe to the Friday night slot. Most people know it as the “death slot.”

One of the most popular shows to die on Friday’s was Firefly, a Joss Whedon sci-fi adventure that did not deserve to be canceled so soon.

So, in honor of Firefly and Fringe, YouTube user Gualcit created a tribute and support video for them mimicking Firefly’s opening with characters and images from Fringe.

Check out the video below the jump, it’s very impressive. And if you’re not watching Fringe, PLEASE do and help it avoid it’s untimely death on Friday’s!

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