Welcome gaming bastards to another edition of G.R.O.W. This is NerdBastards weekly video game release list where we give y’all a heads up on what was released for the consoles and PC (and sometimes the MAC). We also cover downloadable titles as well.

Once again, nothing new will be showing up at retail stores but over on the downloadable side, this week doesn’t disappoint as PC and MAC gamers will be able to get their hands on the first episode of Telltale Game’s episodic Back to the Future: The Game. Wii owners have Frobot (a robot with an afro) to check out while 360 users have A World with Keflings, in which you play as your avatar.

The PS3 got quite the releases on the downloadable side as they will have the release of the NEOGEO Station to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the NEOGEO console. The NEOGEO station will let gamers once again play (and pay again) some kick ass NEOGEO games SNK Playmore has released. Hell, they’re even releasing a sweet usb controller just for the ocassion (well, over in Japan anyways).

While there are ten games set to release for the PS3 version of these games (which will cost y’all $8.99 per title), the top three picks are: Metal Slug, The King of Fighters ’94, and Baseball Stars Professional (yes, a sports game is being recommended). Some of the titles will be also available for the PSP at launch and will cost $6.99 each.

That’s not all for the PS3 as the hilarious Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, the Rampage inspired Eat Them!, the move enabled puzzle game Echocrome II, and the awesomely titled shmup, A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks! will be available tomorrow.

So what are y’all waiting for? Check out these downloadable titles and see if any of them will make your wallets cry!

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