Jabba the Snowman!


(Article by nerdbastards contributor Mark Poynter, A.K.A Mordrun)

Jabba the Snowman, was a creepy slimy soul,
with a greasy tongue and a dripping nose,
and two eyes as black as coal,
Jabba the Snowman is a fairy tale they say,
He was made of snow but the Jawas know
how he ruined their lives one day,
There must have been some force left in that
old Jedi they found.
For when they slipped it in Jabba’s mouth
he began to slither around.
Oh Jabba the Snowman
was alive as he could be,
and the Sandpeople screamed
as he laughed and flayed,
all the little ones he could see.
Thumpetty thump thump,
Thumpety thump thump,
Look at Jabba go.
Thumpetty thump thump,
Thumpety thump thump,
Over the hills of . . . sand

Picture compliments of Look at this Frakking Geekster .com

Lyrics by way of Mark Poynter

Merry Christmas!

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