Marvel Unleases Fear Itself


We finally have some new information regarding the next Marvel Comics big event, entitled: Fear Itself!

Earlier today, Marvel held a press conference detailing a little bit more about the upcoming big event, which will be written by Matt Fraction with pencils by Stuart Immonen, and is currently slated to hit in April and run seven issues.

The conference, held by Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, opened with him describing the current state of fear we are all exposed to:

All you need to do really is turn on a TV, a computer, a radio, and you’re sure to find a pundit, a politician, a prophet out there ready to tell you what you should be afraid of, who’s responsible and why you should be afraid of them. It’s a world divided. At the end of the day, you’ve got to ask yourself who should you trust? Who do you trust? 24 hour news cycles, weather change, WikiLeaks, depression, recession, bailouts, bankers … From World War II to Apollo 11 to September 11; the events that shaped our world have shaped the Marvel Universe

The true nature of the event is still being kept under wraps, but Quesada added, rather mysteriously, “Who will be the eight most worthy on the planet?”
Who indeed …

At the end of the conference, writer Matt Fraction spoke and said that this will be the biggest story Marvel has told, and that fans should expect an “extinction-grade threat.”

Everyone is afraid of something right now … the Marvel heroes versus the god of Fear. The more you fear him, the stronger he gets.

Perhaps this is a reference to Phobos (the god of fear and son of Aries, the god of war), and that he finally goes off his rocker? Stay tuned and find out!

According to IGN, Vice President and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort stated that Fear Itself will be comparable to Civil War in its scope, but more akin to Secret Invasion in the way they handle the tie-in series and crossovers. He also confirmed that the seeds for Fear Itself have been planted over the last year, and that readers should have a good time going back to find them all. A central idea of Fear Itself will revolve around a long-hidden event that occurred at some point in the past that, when revealed, will change the way we look at the Marvel heroes.

Fear Itself hits in April 2011, proceeded by a prelude issue written by Ed Brubaker and drawn by Scot Eaton.


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