Easy on the eyes isn’t she, folks?  In a recent interview with Jay Leno, Emma Stone has been quoted as saying she may be staying a blonde for quite some time because there is more than one Spiderman movie afoot!

“There’s a few Spider-men, so I may have to keep it for a couple of years.”

Blonde or red-headed we’d say she looks damn good and if she is signed on now to play Gwen Stacy more than once, we’re happy and excited to see it.  Also while on the Leno show, she talked about her training sessions for the rebooted franchise, saying:

“I had no idea how out of shape I was.  I was Cheez Whiz and TV, didn’t play sports in high school and have no hand-eye coordination.”

She also added that she had no idea how tough the physical nature of the film would be.  It doesn’t help that the poor girl also has asthma, so who knows what we’ll be seeing from her once she is actually on screen.  She’ll bring the cute and sexy, but action?  That has yet to be seen.  We might have to leave that all up to Andrew Garfield, the man who was tapped to play Peter Parker AKA Spiderman in this reboot.  Garfield is apparently up to the task, since our new Gwen Stacy says she won’t even let him into her training and workout sessions because she feels like a weenie in comparison.  Don’t worry Miss Stone, with a face like that, you don’t need no stinkin’ muscles!

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