I’ve met many Sanrio and Hello Kitty fans in my life, hell even I was a Keroppi fan (don’t judge me), and a few of them were hardcore about it but I doubt any of them would be stupid enough to buy this.

The painting, titled Hello Kitty Playground, is being labeled as the ‘Worlds Largest Hello Kitty Painting” with it measuring at 4″ x 5″. The painting is done by a guy name Dillion who is apparently the master of making art of pop culture icons and thus is selling this piece of shit art at the price of $1.5 million on eBay. But wait! It seems eBay has a 25% off sale on it so it’ll set you back $1,125,000.

So let’s see, the so called “world’s largest” painting is only 4″ x 5″ and it’s not an official art from Sanrio? Really, Dillion, really? I don’t care if one of your feedback is “Everything he brushes turns to SOLD!” but seriously, $1.5 million is what you want for this? As much as I want to say “Fuck you Dillion and what makes your painting special,” I’m sure that some idiot is going to buy this.

Source: Great White Snark

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