Spider-man Musical Allowed To Go On

After Monday’s accident in which stuntman Chris Tierney fell 30 feet during the Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark musical, it has been determined that the show will continue to go on. Yesterday the Actors’ Equity Association and the Department of Labour said they would halt the production until further notice, well it looks like everything is back on track. After 36 hrs of work all the safety rigs and safety measures must be all in working order, what else could go wrong (knock on wood). The Julie Taymor and U2’s Bono rock musical will be back in the swing of things with tonight’s performance, this afternoon’s show was still cancelled.

With accidents like concussions, broken toes and broken wrists you’d think they would say “enough is enough” and hold off until everything is properly fixed. The production should be absolutely safe before risking the safety of your actors . Just welding a few joints and adding a bit of duct tape isn’t going to fix things here. This is just one big series of unfortunate events, each one more dangerous than the last. How long is it going to be until someone accidentally dies because the company didn’t take safety protocol seriously and just wanted to make back the estimated 65 million in costs.

Sooner or later if things don’t start going up for the most expensive Broadway musical in history then death is going to have a real reason to buy a ticket.

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