Early last week, it was reported that a Gundam statue was being built at a park in Chengdu Guosetianxiang, China. It was being built to “light” Christmas up for the folks around the area.

Well, now the park is denying that the statue ever existed and has removed the entire thing from the park, including the pictures from its site. This happened after the head of the tall monument was suddenly covered when reports of some sort of a copyright lawsuit emerged on the web.

So let’s go over the whole situation. Some park wanted to make a bootleg statue in order to bring revenue to the park. When told it looked like a Gundam statue, the park claimed that it was a “completely original” (sure it was) design and that it was by accident if it looked similar to a Gundam design. Then they covered the head in order to do some “modification” to prevent a lawsuit to happen and now it’s completely gone.

Did we learn something new today? No, nothing at all other than maybe asking permission to use another person’s work in order to benefit from it. This should be something that is done before wasting any sort of money. Unless you’re doing it on the internet since everything gets stolen on the web.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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