Nerdbastards Wishes You a Merry Christmas, In Star Wars Screen Crawl Fashion


Ahoy fans of Nerdbastards! Listen, in observance of the Holiday weekend we are gonna be takin’ these next few days off. Ya, we know how much this upsets you (sad face. tear.), but us bastards need a friggin’ break from time to time. Plus we’re gonna need a few days to recover after imbibing all that eggnog and coke (DRUGS ARE BAD). The net is gonna be pretty quite anyway. You won’t be missing much. We will promise to keep our ears to the ground (Fuck, will be spending half our time on the floor conked off our ass anyway) and if big news does pop up will do our best to cover it. Will resume posting on December 27th, Monday morning.

In the meantime, please watch the following video. It’s a very special Nerdbastards holiday message from us to you. It was made with care (not really), love (no way) and hugs (We ain’t huggin’ nobody). Enjoy it while you can, because George Lucas is bound to sue our asses.

Happy Holiday Bastards!

If you don’t wanna watch then HIT THE JUMP for the crawl written in it’s entirety.

It is a period of great upheaval, Rebel Nerdbastards forces struggle against the Internet Empire.  The Empire, strengthened by economic, enviromental, and emotional turmoil strikes at the heart of Rebel Nerdbastard forces.  Fear not, for the Nerdbastard Rebels have a plan.  To flood the Internet with humorous articles and videos, striking back at the daily barrage of the Internet Empire’s nonstop tirad of nonsensical politics,  enviromental disasters,  and economic forecasts.  So this Chirstmas season gather your family, enjoy the lights, presents, food and fellowship the season brings, knowing that in 2011 Nerd batards will bring you all the funny, nerdy, entertainment for the socially ackward that you can handle,’


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