Warning: These are spoilers to a film still in production, if you don’t want to be know what’s going on then please be aware of what your getting into.

When details of the Matthew Vaughn directed X-men: First Class were released people had their first glimpse as to what Marvel’s mutant academy would be doing in 2011. From taking place in the 1960’s to a shit load of cameos this is a film people have been waiting for. Yet, not much else has been released since then. Sure, a set photo here and an actor in costume there but not much else, it’s like trying to find the real Jamie Madrox in a room full of dupes. Thanks to Comic Book Movie however we are getting even more spoilers on this upcoming dramatic action sci-fi. Here’s the lowdown on just what else is being crammed into this already packed film.

These rumored spoilers come from unnamed Georgian insider who has apparently worked on the set of X-Men: First Class

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“The suits in the first class are a very vibrant blue and yellow. like new. i think beast has a backpack, but that could have just been the actor’s backpack that he carried around. His fur is also a very light blue with dark accents. and his face looks nothing like grammer’s beast. all the costumes look the same, with little accents that make them personal to the character, which is kind of cool. mystique looks really good in hers.”

“I saw kevin bacon on the set only once out of the month we shot and he wasn’t in costume. but there was a make-up trailer with bacon/shaw written on it.”

“Azazel wants mystique to have his baby. he shouts it out during a fight. ‘you will have my baby!” (Nightcrawler)

“There is a mutant [Riptide] dressed in a purple suit. I don’t know who he is, but i saw him and his stand-ins and stunt doubles everyday.”

“I can say something major happens on a beach with the x-jet and a submarine. i was also told the beach scene takes place in (Cuban Missile Crisis). The fight scenes i saw were limited to rehersals, and it wasn’t so much ‘fighting’ as it was flashy spinning and dodging, but it looked decent. i did see a lot see wire-work. beast and mystique definitely use wires, and azazel will fly/glide over the sube, and he may have something to do with the damage to the submarine.”

“My absolute personal opinion, the entire time i spent on this film felt rushed and very ‘last-minute’. we never knew what was going on, as far as the schedule went. they were rushing to finish before christmas. i feel like that might show in the final product, but maybe these guys can pull it off. we’ll see.”

If they were rushing filming they could be in for a bit of trouble, the film is set to release in another 6 months and that’s not a good sign. Going from experience, if you rush something it’ll only end in disappointment for everyone involved (preacher told me that one). Other than that, if they were to slow down a bit and now rush things this could be a very promising film when it’s finally released. Throwing in the classic suits, the Cuban Missile Crisis and Azazel wanting his booty call are some good choices for the writers to add to the movie.  The only other thing that bothers me is the design of Hank McCoy, Beast. Not getting him to at least look like a character formerly played by Kelsey Grammer could ruffle up a few feathers, it’s nothing major but even little details can piss of a nerd.

It’s going to come down to how all this play’s out and how much time they have left to film before post-production. If the actors are able to play their roles convincingly and Vaughn shoots the film in just the right way, then the Avengers might have to step up their game.

X-men: First Class is set to release June 3rd, 2011.

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