Review: The Tester Season 2


Sony’s The Tester season 2 has finally ended and I’m actually keeping my promise in giving you guys the review of the overall second season. Just like the first season, contestants are competing to become a game tester with Sony along with a $5000 signing bonus. They also decided to throw in a 3D TV and a new PS3 for the winner.

So, did Sony find what season 1 was missing for season 2 (such as having a “villain” and a gay video gamer)? Did replacing Hal Sparks with Adrianne Curry as the celebrity judge help? Find out after the jump as it is filled with spoilers and see if I was once again suffering another season of Sony’s attempt of a TV show or did I enjoy the new season (and of course, spoilers after the jump).

Straight up, I will say season 2 was better than season 1 as it seems that Sony knew what it wanted to do with the challenge every episode. Just like the first season, every challenge took the gamers out of their element by having them use their video game skills in outside challenges. The one major challenge that was new was the whole creativity challenge as the gamers were able to come up with a video game they would have like to create, which is pretty much the dream goal for many of the potential testers.


Also, it did help that this season, we got a villain in the form of “Big Fazeek.” Just like how I explained he was in the first episode review, his stuck up and “better than you” personality (the guy was a dick) got him against with the ladies and eventually the whole house pretty much became the plot of the show until his elimination.


Big Fazeek wasn’t the only character that helped me get through this season as Mo Chocolate, the lovable man child that loves to tap dance, entertain me. While most of his actions did led me to shake my head (as well as many moments with the show), you can’t help but love the guy.


While Sony didn’t try to make a big deal that they did have a contestant who happened to be gay, he did make quite the impact on the show as Gaymer (such an original name) went through all 8 challenges with the last one being a Killzone 3 themed challenge, he became the season 2 Playstation tester.

Overall, just like how season 1 was, Sony is learning from this experience in order to create an entertaining show. The new celebrity judge didn’t change much but hey, Adrianne Curry is very nice on the eyes. While I did say season 2 was better, which it is, it still feels like it is missing something to make this a must watch show.

Unlike the first season though, I can easily recommend this season if you want something new and have the time to kill (both in downloading and watching) as you’ll find something to chuckle at and have some head shaking moments that will just make you smile as it did for me.

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