Best and Worst TV Moments Of 2010 Via


So, this is actually going to be our last post in 2010 (well maybe. If big news happens will drag our drunk asses back here and tell you whats up.)… and it’s not even ours (we’re such lazy fucks). Our friends from (your doing yourself a disservice by not lookin’ at their site everyday) have rounded up every wonderful and horrible clip, from this year in nerdy television. Island flushing, bow ties, vampire newscasts and twisty head sex — it’s all there. It’s a wonderful look back and nod to those that watch way too much fucking T.V..

The grubby bastards made their video montages un-embedable so you’ll have to HEAD ON OVER TO to take it all in. It’s totally worth it. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll shake your fist in angry fury. Well done io9. Well done.

G’bye, 2010. You were like an amazing one night stand who broke out the anal in the first 10 minutes.

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