This may be one of the greatest Christmas gifts ever for a young child who worked hard and deserved the gift he received for Christmas this year. The young child above, Alfe Game, was only 5 when he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and pretty much spent his time in the hospital, including last Christmas.

During the summer, Game went into remission, but decided to use his time in the hospital for good. He started collecting toys for kids who are in the hospital for similar reasons as well as selling Christmas cards he designed to help fund gifts. The local paper, Northampton Chronicle and Echo, was impressed with Game and his hard work that they decided to set him up a surprise visit from someone that wasn’t Santa on Christmas Eve.

Game got to meet the eleventh Doctor Who, Matt Smith. Being a young Doctor Who fan himself, Game had this to say:

Meeting Doctor Who was fantastic. When I heard I was going to meet him I was so excited I was crying inside and when I saw him on my doorstep I was so happy. I’ve got what I wanted for Christmas. This has been the best Christmas yet.

Not only did Game deserve the visit but you gotta give it up to Smith for being a classy person to come visit the little guy and making both his Christmas and life a bit more awesome then the rest of us.

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