Early last month, we got a look at the cover of a Game Informer mag that featured a new Tomb Raider game that showed a dirty and younger Lara Croft. While there were a few folks who were open to the new look and style, we did get the “Eww she’s dirty and looks like a man” and the “Where’s her boobs?” comments.

If you were one of those folks that complained, well, it’s time for you to shut the fuck up as the new details for the game sounds pretty damn good. Here are the details:

Lara will be 21 in this game; There will be “brutal” death tracks, including a “deranged” man stabbing Lara in the chest and a boulder trap that crushes her head; Concept art shows a bow, shotgun and pistol; Aiming is now free and not locked onto targets; The linear paths are gone, with Crystal Dynamics saying the player “can literally go any direction” and “carve [their] own way to the finish line;” There are “base camps” in the game which act as areas to combine items and improve skills, and also unlock fast traveling; You’ll need food and water to survive.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a cool adventure-survival vibe and if Crystal Dynamics does this right, we may see a proper revival of Lara Croft. If the new details don’t help, then click the jump button to check out some awesome looking pictures for the upcoming game, especially the first image since it’s a dirty and wet Lara on her knees (you know you’ve all imagined her in that position).











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